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Pay Me To Do ExamBoth films claim some basis in historical factbut the French film is set at the turn of the century quiz help the American film is set in 1940s New York. This leads me exam help ponder whether rich woman are traditionally misled about their true abilitiesand, if so, why?But beyond that question, theres the tone of such exam help movie. In the case of Florence Foster Jenkins, very like Marguerite, theres exam help contradiction among the hilarity of bad singing quiz help the tragedy of exam help person being lied exam help by every person around that personsupposed chums quiz help lovers who, even if via kindness or avarice are, nevertheless, doing the poor woman no favors. Even the wonderful tenderness that Hugh Grant brings exam help his role as FFJs husband cannot render this story exam help happy oneor exam help particularly funny one, because the coming near near slip on exam help banana peel is usually the looming publicity quiz help destruction of the womans sense of self. Meryl Streep brings humor examination help the personality, but for me, the set up is more appropriate for exam help psychological horror mystery, akin to Gaslight, than for any light hearted gown comedy. No it is easy to fault the technical efforts, or the performances of the cast, in this filmbut I guess Im simply too squeamish examination help enjoy laughing at someone who insists on making music badlyperhaps it cuts exam help little too close examination help home for me.